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Who is Smartbooks?

Smartbooks is the trade name of B.V. This company supplies study books to many study associations in the Netherlands. Sarphati also works with Smartbooks.

Why Smartbooks?

Sarphati offers in collaboration with Smartbooks the possibility to buy textbooks at a discount. The discount is always 15 percent on foreign books and usually 8 percent on Dutch books.

Always the right book with Smartbooks!

Smartbooks compiles the bibliography in close cooperation with Sarphati and the lecturers associated with your study programme. Thanks to this extensive check, Sarphati guarantees that you always order the right book.

Smartbooks Guarantee

  • 8% discount on Dutch books!
  • 15% discount on English books!
  • Your books are guaranteed to be delivered on time.
  • Delivery by PostNL
  • Follow your order with Track & Trace

Not good, money back guarantee

It can happen that a teacher decides not to use a book after all. In that case we will contact the teacher. If the teacher confirms that the book will not be used at all, we will return the book you purchased from Smartbooks and refund the purchase price. This unique guarantee also applies if the return period has long expired.

Collecting and selling used books

If you have passed the exam, you would like to sell your textbooks. Smartbooks offers a perfect solution for this in collaboration with Sarphati. Sarphati organizes a collection period for used books in June of every academic year. You will receive an email when you can offer your books. You will receive a good price for your books and if Smartbooks has sold your book, you will receive your money directly into your account. Keep an eye on your email!


Look for answers to the most frequently asked questions on the faq page on this site. If your question is not listed, please send an e-mail to: We will answer your question as soon as possible.

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